papercheck32.pngJaza Ingenieria believes that excellence, honesty, fulfillment and quality cannot be restricted to just the client-contractor relationship but must also extend to the whole network of relationships involved in a construction project: with suppliers, staff, authorities, and even competitors. This focus on trust and support in all our relationships is the most essential aspect of 360° STRENGTH, and the element that distinguishes us from the rest.

Technical Capability

papercheck32.pngAnother important feature of 360° STRENGTH lies in the variety of services that we provide to our clients. JazaIngeniería has excellent resources in every area of construction of civil projects both commercial and industrial, so that all that you need for your projects is just one word: JAZA.

  • Post-graduate-degree levels in the main areas
  • Professional Engineers
  • Professional Structural Engineers
  • Structural experts with consulting experience for government institutions and private enterprises.
  • Several technical reports published in technical magazines
  • Design and construction methods developed and patented by Jaza.


  • Slim administrative staff
  • Lack of administrative areas which do not give value.
  • Automation of process.
  • Low quantity of subcontractors.
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