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Jaza Ingenieria develops the engineering for a wide range of construction projects throughout Mexico. Our company has also completed several projects in the USA and Canada.

Jaza has the knowledge and expertise of international codes and standards as well as the most powerful and advanced software and tools.

We think that the aim of all good engineering is the optimization of resources in compliance with safety standards and regulations applying respective specifications. In order to achieve this optimization, Jaza takes time, training and talent like no other company in the region, using the design and construction techniques that produce the best cost / benefit.


As a result of our high degree of specialization as well as our more than two decades of experience with the construction and design of commercial and industrial projects, Jaza Ingenieria has a thriving consulting division which allows us to provide solutions to a wide range of problems such as:

  • Cost optimization through structural optimization
  • Foundations on difficult soils.
  • Structural evaluation.
  • Dynamic issues (vibrations, vibration equipment foundations, etc.)
  • Solutions to complex structural problems

Jaza Ingenieria has a pre-fab construction method with an international patent which is used for the construction of prefab substation control houses. These pre-fab buildings are sold throughout:

  • México
  • USA
  • Canada

A successful construction project requires the collection and application of information and knowledge, proven methods, long work hours, and shared endeavors, which is why it is the main activity of our company. The principles of our “360° STRENGTH” method, which highlights the amalgam of all our strengths, are as follows:

  • High technical capability
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Expertise
  • Efficiency
  • Labor safetyS

Jaza Ingenieria has both the human and material resources necessary for developing a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings, as can be demonstrated by our clients.

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